Holistic Life Coaching and Yuan Qigong

Are you longing to live a more fulfilling life, wanting to be more vibrant, healthier and happier? Is life overwhelming, do you easily get tired or stressed, do you suffer from health issues or are you facing difficult life challenges?

Being stuck in such a place can be very daunting. However, you can learn effective tools that can help you improve your health and at the same time bring relaxation, inner balance, and true contentment.

To help you do this, I would like to offer you my eBook ‘Secrets of health and happiness’. In this book you will find seven crucial steps to improve your health, become happier and uplift your life. You will discover new ways that can help you:

  • preserve your energy and improve your energy levels
  • stay calm and relaxed in stressful or demanding situations
  • deal with health problems in a constructive way, so that you can aid your healing process
  • prevent being overwhelmed by feelings and anxiety
  • find ways to manage emotions such as fear, anger, grief, sadness and loneliness
  • become happier as you love yourself more and accept who you are
  • be able to deal with conflicts in a constructive way, building healthier relationships
  • feel more at ease and have a sense of belonging
  • gain understanding and control over your own life

To receive your copy of the eBook today you can download it here.

What others say

‘I had been practising Qigong for a year already yet reading Aiyanna’s eBook made the teachings so clear. She writes in a beautifully poetic way, drawing attention to fundamental insights applicable to us all in every-day life. There is lightness and joy behind her words, with deep messages and simple practical advice that I found easy to follow on a daily basis.’ Colette, Tasman, New Zealand

The keys to health and happiness lie within you. You can uncover and strengthen them, so that they become automatic and your whole life can lift to a healthier level!