Free yourself from anxiety and start to enjoy life again!

Do you struggle with anxiety and feel stuck, powerless or hopeless?

Are you going through a life challenge and has anxiety taken over?

Do your worries and fears leave you feeling overwhelmed, indecisive and helpless?

Do you want to understand life better, gain more clarity and find your power and freedom back?


Discover how to move out of anxiety and even resolve it


We all experience anxiety at certain times. This is normal. It is when anxiety starts to take over that it is time to take action.

Feeling safe is a very important part of life. When you don’t feel safe in normal life situations, you can create all kinds of boundaries between yourself and the natural flow of life. It becomes hard to relax and truly enjoy life.

You live in constant survival mode. This does not only cost a tremendous amount of energy, it also keeps you from living your potential and realizing your goals and dreams.

You might worry about certain things in the future, carry a big load from the past, which leaves you hanging in mid-air in the present.

What keeps you trapped? What makes you feel so unsafe?

It might seem that it is the outer situation that causes your anxiety. But when we look closer at this, we can see that the outer situation is the trigger, yet the cause lies much deeper, within yourself.

Gently getting to know yourself at this deeper level gives you a chance to make change

This is a highly rewarding process.

One of my clients said: “It is so remarkable, I can change. I have choices. I always thought that all this was part of my personality and I just have to live with it. But now I know I don’t. I can change how I respond, and I can change how I relate to others and anything that happens, I feel so much happier now.”


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Aiyanna has a gentle approach, with big results. I have obtained great tools to use now and in the future. I always felt safe whilst working with her and look forward to future sessions. Thank you.’ Natalie, Christchurch NZ