Re-discover your infinite potential to heal!

Over the last years, working with people, I have observed that most of us are leading very busy and often stressful lives. We need to make a living, perform in our jobs, strive to be good parents, fulfill our partners’ needs and as a result often also need to deal with tiredness, tension, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, fear and sometimes even burn-out. We need to achieve, perform, be successful and seem happy at the same time. We think we are not good enough and ask more of ourselves.

What is happening to our health when we live that way? Where can we find happiness? How can we become and stay healthy? How can we live our life in a way that is truly fulfilling? A life in which we can live our passions and life’s purpose, without being under so much pressure constantly?

Even when life is not so busy, we are on a constant search to feel happy and heal the problems we have. We can feel powerless when having health problems, especially when they become chronic and there seems no easy solution. Or we can feel lonely, unsafe, insecure, disheartened or even despondent.

Yet, in essence life is truly beautiful. And every one of us has been gifted with the ability to heal ourselves and lead a fulfilling, happy life. The thing is, we simply haven’t been conditioned to live our lives in a way that uses our healing potential. Deep down we all know. But we live with a legacy of patterns that are not serving us.

I have found that, to break the cycle and start healing, often the first thing to do is to build your energy levels. Your energy levels are the foundation for good health and yet, most of us live with low energy.

That’s why I am starting this blog: to share with you the knowledge you need to build your energy levels, reduce stress and change the dis-serving patterns.

To give you the tools and skills that can help you heal yourself and improve your life.

I like this blog to be interactive; a place where we can share experiences, learn from each other, and support each other.

To be able to do that I would love to hear from you what you need help with.

What do you want to know about building your energy levels and strengthening your Self-healing abilities? What are the problems you are struggling with? What keeps you from being truly healthy, happy and content? What are your biggest hurdles in life, your biggest fears? What do you need?

I am also curious to hear from you at which day of the week and which time of the day you would like to receive my blog.

Do put your questions and the topics in the comment box below.

Your questions will be highly valuable for me, as they allow me to make the content of this blog highly worthwhile for you!

Don’t hesitate to put in questions or topics that others already have. That way I can see what your most burning questions are.

I am looking forward to your reply!

With love and gratitude,

Aiyanna Sophie

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