Do you wake up refreshed?

Last week we talked about food and how to eat in a way that gives you more energy. This week my blog is about sleep. How can you sleep in a way that gives you an abundance of energy or Qi?

Tiredness is often one of the first signs of a low level of Qi. When waking up unrefreshed in the morning your level of energy, Qi or life-force is already quite low.

It is important to build up the level of your energy again, because not only do you get tired, your body and mind also need a sufficient amount of Qi to function well.

To get more energy or Qi from your sleep you can make the following adjustments:

Firstly, the timing of your sleep is important. We do have an inner body clock and when we follow this body clock our energy stays well balanced and it’s easier to get a refreshing sleep. In order to sleep well, go to bed before 10 at night. This gives you a few hours before 12 ‘o clock and you might have heard that ‘the hours before midnight count double’. This is not a myth. When consistently going to bed before 10, you give your body a much better opportunity to regenerate and top up its energy stores. In the morning, get up before or around 7.

Secondly, before you go to sleep, take some time to relax. You can meditate or do some relaxation exercises. What I have found to most efficient and effective tool in helping to go into a deep and refreshing sleep is a very simple Yuan Gong® exercise. You can do it when you are already lying in bed:

Lie in a relaxed position, preferably on your back with your legs straight. You can place your hands on your abdomen. Then close your eyes and bring your awareness inside your body. Relax your whole body, part by part, from top to toe. Then, when you breathe out, expand your awareness toward the universe. The void of the universe is filled with an abundant amount of Qi. Connect with this pure Qi simply by knowing it is there. Then, as you breathe in, bring your focus back into your body and visualise your whole body filling up with Qi. If you like you can visualise the Qi as bright light. Keep doing this: on your exhale going with your awareness out into the universe, on your inhale your awareness back into your body, your whole body filling with bright light. Make a smile and see if you can feel this smile inside your heart. Do give this smile to yourself as a present, a gift, to make yourself feel special and to feel how precious your life is.

When you fall asleep with such a good feeling your sleep will be much deeper and so your body will regain its strength and energy at a much deeper level.

Hence, see if you can go to bed before 10 and while lying in bed do this simple yet profound exercise. Feel gratitude toward yourself and your life.

Give yourself a few weeks to get into those new habits.

Now, I would love to hear how you go. Do you feel inspired to improve your sleep? Do let me know by leaving your reply in the comment box below. This way I get to know you a little better and we all learn from your experience!

I am looking forward to your reply!

With love and gratitude,

Aiyanna Sophie

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