What Yuan Qigong can do for YOU!

What Yuan Qigong can do for YOU!

Ten years ago, I was wondering where to find answers. Answers to questions about health and happiness. I had trained for over twelve years in health including medicine and naturopathy, had done numerous personal development courses and workshops, such as an in-depth yoga teacher’s training and courses in spiritual psychology and still, I had not found the answers I was looking for.

What made life so complicated? Looking at people I saw so many problems. But people said: ‘that is just how it is.’ And ‘You just have to learn to live with it’.


At the time I felt tired, exhausted. I was taking at least eight food supplements a day, including digestive enzymes and ‘natural’ thyroid hormone extract. I tried numerous times to cut these down and stop, but my symptoms would become so severe that the only thing I could do was to continue them.

Till I met a woman teaching REN XUE and Qigong and I thought ‘I just try it out once and see’.

A complete turn-around

What happened was that from the start, after practicing Qigong, I felt so much better. My energy levels improved, my mind felt clearer, I didn’t get fog brain anymore, menstrual problems improved, a skin rash cleared completely, and I felt much better within myself. I went through a healing period in which almost all the symptoms I had ever experienced came back one by one for a short time, to then completely clear.

One stubborn problem stayed and only cleared later, when I worked on the deeper life force energy or Qi of the organs.

A new perspective

I learned that I could approach life in a different way. I had felt down, with at times quite depressed, at regular intervals throughout my life. Now I had a way out of this.

REN XUE and Yuan Qigong gave me a completely new perspective on life. It handed me the tools and skills I needed to overcome fatigue. Now I could go through the day without the feeling of constant exhaustion and within the first few months after practicing, I could stop all the supplements I was taking.

It also taught me root causes of problems that sometimes seemed so simple, and yet made such a profound difference in feeling content and happy. I felt more in harmony with myself, with my children and with others. I found direction in life, as I knew the knowledge I gained touched on the truth.  I could also get in touch with my own inner truth.

So, what is the system of REN XUE and Yuan Qigong?

It is a very systematic approach to all levels of life. It hands you practical tools you can implement every day, to live this life in a replenishing rather than depleting way. It follows the laws of life, health and Qi or life force energy. It also follows the laws of the universe.

Relaxing, recharging, unblocking and restoring

When you start to practice Yuan Qigong, the first thing you learn is to uplift your energy levels and to contain your energy so that you not easily lose it again. Qi in the body becomes healthier and your energy stores get replenished.

After that, you learn how to make your energy, or Qi, flow smoothly throughout your whole body, by resolving blockages and opening the energy channels or meridians. This improves the overall functioning of the body and is great for health maintenance. I have often seen pain resolve, even chronic pain, as a result of practicing Yuan Qigong.

The next step is to work deeper, on the organ Qi, to improve the overall health of your organs.

Finding harmony and clarity

At the same time, you can start meditative Qigong practices that help you gain clarity, find harmony within yourself and with others, resolve conflict, find inner peace and calm, relax your mind, find meaning in life, open your heart and connect with your inner wisdom.

A healing state

When something follows the laws of life, it is in harmony with the nature of your being. Such practices bring you back into a most natural state. This natural state is a healing state. In that state your body can replenish and regenerate. Your mind can relax and become clearer. And your heart can open and experience deeper trust, love, gratitude, contentment and a deep and profound state of inner peace.

You can uplift your life with REN XUE and Yuan Qigong as well!

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With love and gratitude,

Aiyanna Sophie

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