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Supporting you on your healing journey

About Aiyanna Sophie, MSc.

Holistic Health and Life Coach, Qigong Master Teacher and Therapist, Natural Health Practitioner, graduated as a Medical Doctor, but chose to be no longer registered, also trained in Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi. It is my passion to help you develop your self-healing abilities and strengthen your natural healing power, so that your health problems can improve, and you can regain balance, autonomy and inner freedom.

Learn how to create a healing state in which the body is nourished and can regenerate.

Find the obstacles within and learn how to transform them.

My name is Aiyanna Sophie and I help people who want to make a leap forward in life, to unravel the deeper causes of their problems and then transform those, to uplift their health and well-being. Problems can be physical or emotional issues, such as fatigue, pain, disease, stress, anxiety or difficult life challenges.

I also support people who feel stuck and want to understand life better, and those who want to learn how to help and heal themselves.

How can I help you?

I fully believe in your potential to heal, strengthen, and uplift yourself. When you know how to strengthen your self-healing power and give it a chance to function fully, your health and well-being can improve greatly.

It is my passion to bring you to a place where you can unravel the obstacles within yourself to transform pain, trauma, emotions, and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

At the same time you can learn effective tools to replenish your life force energy for nourishment of your body and soul. This gives you the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the health and stability of your body and mind.

During a session I use a combination of Ren Xue coaching, hypnotherapy, Qi-healing and Yuan Qigong. I teach you how to improve your health at the level of your life force (Qi), which reflects in your physical health. Since food is our first medicine, nutrition is an important part of the consultation.

Why can I help you?

My journey in health started over 30 years ago. First, I trained for more than 12 years in different health modalities. I started with naturopathy and acupuncture, after which I completed my medical degree and worked in the hospital as a House Surgeon. I added kinesiology and from there worked as a natural therapist. Acupuncture was my biggest passion at the time, however, I felt deep inside that I wanted to work at a different level with people. I was searching for the deeper root causes of disease. In 2008 I came across the teachings of Qigong master Yuan Tze and his system of Ren Xue® life cultivation. Based on the wisdom culture of China, it teaches essential core principles of health, well-being and happiness.

Applying these principles in my own life as well as adding them in my work of teaching and coaching clients, has shown me a whole new and very effective approach to health and life.

One of my clients recently said: ‘When I wake up now, I feel so much joy. That is such an improvement.’ Now that is what makes my heart sing!

You so deserve this too!

Let me offer you a nurturing and safe holding space, an inviting place where you can feel empowered to find your own inner truth.

Learn how to create a healing state in which the body is nourished and can regenerate. Find the obstacles within and learn how to transform them, so that you can improve your health and your life at a fundamental level.

I invite you to download my eBook ‘Secrets of health and happiness’.

In this book, you will find seven crucial steps to help you improve your energy levels, your health, and your happiness. Seven very practical steps to become more powerful in helping yourself to heal.

To receive the book download it here.

And of course, you are very welcome to contact me with your questions or to make an appointment. I hope to meet you sometime soon, on-line or in person, in my classes or for personal coaching sessions, to help you on your self-healing journey.

Make it a healthy, happy day!
Aiyanna Sophie


  • Teaching Ren Xue and Qigong since 2010, in New Zealand and Europe
  • Private practice in Holistic Life Coaching, based on the principles of Ren Xue, since 2011
    During sessions I use a combination of Ren Xue-coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition, Qi-healing and Yuan Qigong.
  • Private Practice in Naturopathy and Kinesiology 2003 – 2007
  • Work as a House surgeon 2000 – 2001
  • Registered Natural Health Practitioner with the IICT
  • MBChB University of Otago (New Zealand) 1999 (Note: chose to stop registration)
  • Masters in Medical Science (doctoraal) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 1995
  • Naturopathy and TCM 4-year degree (Netherlands) 1990
  • Professional Kinesiology Practice Cert. 2003
  • Qigong Master Teacher and Therapist Cert. Completion of 8 levels 2011
  • Ren Xue Teacher, Yuan Gong Master Teacher and Yuan Ming Medicine Practitioner 6 level training completed 2018
  • Ongoing: yearly at least 2-week training retreats since 2008 (attendance of 23 training retreats to date in Ren Xue, Zhineng Qigong and Yuan Gong Qigong: 9 on-line, 14 in person)
  • Certified Life Coach (Abundance and Breakthrough Cert. NZ Life Coaching 2017)
  • Hypnosis New Zealand Certified Hypnotherapist 2019
  • Member of Hypnosis New Zealand 2019
  • New Zealand Senior Traditional Herbalism Diploma 2019


Although I have completed a medical degree and worked as a House Surgeon (i.e. a medical doctor), I am not working as a medical doctor anymore. I let my registration lapse, because I like to work in the field of complementary medicine, Yuan Gong and Qi therapy. My work is to support you in your healing journey, helping you to find patterns and habits that are in the way of your healing process, and at the same time provide you with tools that can improve specific health issues as well as uplift your overall health and well-being. Health can never be promised, and healing depends on many different factors. But there are things you can do to help yourself.

I highly recommend you always follow the advice of your medical doctor.

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