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Help yourself make progress by doing a review!

According to the ancient Chinese wisdom teachings, the highest goal for humanity is harmony. Harmony between all humans, and harmony between humans and nature. We are still far from it. Why? Where does harmony start? And how can we help create harmony? Harmony starts with ourselves. Harmony within yourself is […]

What Yuan Qigong can do for YOU!

What Yuan Qigong can do for YOU! Ten years ago, I was wondering where to find answers. Answers to questions about health and happiness. I had trained for over twelve years in health including medicine and naturopathy, had done numerous personal development courses and workshops, such as an in-depth yoga […]

Do you wake up refreshed?

Last week we talked about food and how to eat in a way that gives you more energy. This week my blog is about sleep. How can you sleep in a way that gives you an abundance of energy or Qi? Tiredness is often one of the first signs of […]

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Are you tired of being tired?

Are you too often finding yourself being tired? Needing coffee to get through your day? Whether you don’t sleep well, doing too much, feeling stressed or suffer of an illness, tiredness is something a lot of us struggle with and can be very debilitating. What can we do about it? […]