Learn Yuan Qigong to feel calm and find trust!

INTRODUCTION WORKSHOP, Saturday 27th of June
, 9:30 am till 11:30 am New Zealand time

Yuan Qigong is highly beneficial for your health and energy levels. It improves and balances your emotional state, increases clarity of mind and brings inner peace.

You will learn:

  • How to go into a calm, relaxed, natural and peaceful state
  • Become present in the moment and take that presence into your daily life
  • Yuan Qigong practices to improve energy flow and energy levels
  • Yuan Qigong breathing techniques

This workshop will also be helpful for you if you have learned Yuan Qigong already, but want to understand the fundamental principles better and deepen you understanding.

Cost: NS$25.00. Discounts available for those who need it.

Register at  by leaving me a message in the message field letting me know you like to join the workshop.


If you still want to join this class, drop me a message!

I am so excited to announce that I am teaching this course again! There are so many pearls of wisdom in this course. These pearls of wisdom help you to open the consciousness of your heart. When your heart starts to open, you can experience many positive changes!

During this course you will learn how to strengthen and develop the most important qualities of your heart: trust, openness and acceptance, love, gratitude and true respect.

You are born with these qualities fully present in your heart. But as we grow up, we start to cover those qualities under layers of learned patterns and behaviours.

When these qualities are present life feels much lighter and is more enjoyable.

These qualities are important keys to true lasting happiness.

Yet, when only partially manifesting, the opposite qualities will manifest. Hence, instead of trust there can be doubt, fear, anxiety and distrust. Instead of openness and acceptance there can be apathy and indifference. Instead of feeling respect we can experience feelings of rejection. And so on.

During these classes you will learn how to develop and uncover the heart qualities. Each class you will learn more about the qualities and we will practice the method. Connecting deeply with your heart, causes a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

When: Tuesday evenings 7 till 8:15 pm, New Zealand time; 12, 19, and 26 May, 2, 9, and 16 June.

Cost:  NZ$90 for 6 evenings, discounts available for those in need.

Everyone who has done the Introduction Workshop (or another class) can join!

Register at  by leaving me a message in the message field letting me know you like to join the 7th Method Course.

, 7 pm till 8:15 pm New Zealand time

  • For everyone who has learned Tian Yuan and Di Yuan (the first and second method of Yuan Gong)
  • During this class we practice Yuan Qigong, connect deeper with our inner self and our heart and deepen our learning
  • From the 12th of May we start learning the 7th Method: Tong Yuan, for 6 subsequent weeks

Cost: NZ$15 per class, NZ$70 for 6 practice classes, NZ$90 for the 7th Method course.

Register at  by leaving me a message in the message field letting me know you like to join.



Starting on the 9th of May, 3 Saturday mornings from 8:30 till 10:30 am, Amsterdam time.

I teach this series regularly in English as well, hence if you want to learn in English, do get in touch with me, so I can keep you updated!

This is a series of workshops for beginners to learn REN XUE and Yuan Qigong.

You will learn:

  • How to get into a calm, relaxed and natural state
  • How to connect with the Qi (life-force energy) from the universe
  • How to bring your body, Qi and mind together and why this is important
  • The causes of disease from a Qi perspective and how to heal with Yuan Qigong
  • How to improve your energy levels and how keep these healthy

Yuan Qigong has been developed to help you enjoy:

  1. better health
  2. more happiness and joy
  3. a greater sense of well-being
  4. direction in personal growth and development
  5. fulfillment by being able to help others better.

It fills your toolbox with precious tools and skills for true life-cultivation!

For more information, do get in touch with me and I email you all the details!


All classes and workshops are currently on-line!

Sessions are done through Zoom.
You can register through the contact form by indicating which class you want to sign up for. You will subsequently receive and email with all the details and payment options. Once payment has been received you will be send a link which lets you into the on-line class.

Moving Mindfulness – support the health of your body and your mind

Yuan Qigong is a beautiful practice that helps you to relax and go into a deep and calm state to improve health and gain clarity.

The movements are easy, yet very effective. Energy starts to build and flow well, your body becomes free and light, there can be a very pleasant, joyous feeling inside and your mind can come to rest and feel at peace.

This practice promotes healing of the body and brings clarity, balance and stability at the level of the mind.

You find more information about Yuan Gong here.

Uplifting your life by working on your patterns

Learn all about the fundamental patterns of the consciousness and how to transform them!

Your mind uses patterns to function. Most of these patterns are automatic and happen at a very insidious or ‘subconscious’ level. Although we try to be in charge of our lives, it is really these patterns that run our life. By transforming them we can change the root causes of many problems we encounter.

You find more information on work on the patterns of the consciousness here.


If you are interested, have questions or like to join, please contact me through the contact form. All questions welcome!

Learn moving and still meditative Qigong practices to improve inner calm, relaxation, well-being, energy levels, health and clarity

Create the foundation for present awareness and being in harmony with oneself and others

Make truly positive changes to your life


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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Teaching and demontrating Qigong at Ren Xue retreat in Sweden