Learn Yuan Qigong to feel calm and find trust! – Embark on a proven path of awakening!

NEW BEGINNERS’ COURSE: Starting the 19th of October!

An introduction to Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Qigong to find trust, inner peace, harmony and a clear direction! 

Do you want to understand life better, gain more clarity and find your power and freedom back?

This course helps you to do exactly that!

  • Establish a deep connection within yourself
  • Improve your health and energy levels
  • Move from anxiety, stress, and overwhelm to feeling empowered and more trusting
  • Build a solid foundation for realization and wisdom.

When you find a place of inner calm, relaxation and harmony, your energy replenishes, and your heart can open to connect with who you truly are!

You will learn:

  • How to get into a calm, relaxed and natural state
  • How to connect with the Qi (life-force energy) from the universe
  • How to bring your body, Qi and mind together and why this is important
  • The causes of disease from a Qi perspective and how to help your body heal with Yuan Gong
  • How to improve your energy levels and how keep these healthy
  • How to connect with your heart to start to feel inner peace and happiness

Yuan Qigong has been developed to help you enjoy:

  1. Better health
  2. More happiness and joy
  3. A greater sense of well-being
  4. Direction in personal growth and development
  5. Fulfillment by being able to help others better

It fills your toolbox with precious tools and skills to help you feel safe, grounded, content, relaxed and peaceful!

This course includes a thorough introduction to the core principles of Ren Xue and the first two methods of Yuan Gong.

When: Tuesday evenings 19 Oct till 14 Dec from 7 to 8:30 pm, NZST

Where: Online through Zoom

Cost: NZ$145 (discounts available for those in need).

The classes will be recorded, and you will get the link to the recordings afterwards. So even if you cannot be there at the time, you can still do the classes with the recordings.

To register: leave me a message at stating you want to join. I will then send you an email with all the details.


AWAKE AND AWARE; bring your pattern work into the present moment!

After adding the heart, now the next step is to learn how to find and transform the patterns that run your life!

Learn the 8th method of Yuan Gong!

The focus will be for you to be able to recognise your personal patterns, hence I will be taking a different approach to previous pattern classes.

This course is a combination of the practice of self-observation and self-awareness and pattern work. 

Do you want to move away from anxiety, worry and fear to find a place of comfort and peace within yourself?
Do you want to resolve conflict and prevent it from happening again?
Do you want to create a happier, healthier life, experiencing more harmony?

Do you want better relationships with yourself and others?

Do you want to understand where the many problems we are facing come from, what their causes are, and how to change those?

If you do, then come and learn about the patterns your consciousness uses, to do everything you do. And more importantly, come to learn how to change and transform those patterns.

It is the patterns of your consciousness that run your life.

Your feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, choices, and judgements are all based on the patterns your consciousness uses in every moment of your life! 

They determine it all!

It is time to look at those patterns, to start to recognise them in your daily life, to develop the invaluable tool of knowing where to look and what to change when problems arise in your life. Working on your patterns helps to feel more empowered, more confident, calmer, more content, happier, and more in harmony with others and nature and so much more!

Albert Einstein said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

The thing is our thinking comes from somewhere. Hence to truly solve problems we need to understand what that somewhere is and how to change it.


The first half of these classes will be learning about and exploring the patterns, with the focus for you to recognise and understand your personal patterns. 

The second half we will practice parts of Ren Yuan (the 3rd method) and then Ling Yuan (the 8th method).

The focus during Ren Yuan is to bring self-observation, the healthy state, and unification into movement. This helps to develop and strengthen the ability to bring this important state, including self-observation and Jue Cha, more into your daily life, into the present moment.

NB. If you haven’t attended my Ming Yuan course yet, I recommend doing the first two classes in preparation of this course.

These two classes give a clear overview of the false self and the True self and how to work on transforming the false self so that you can manifest your True Self. They also explain the practice of self-observation and self-awareness to help transforming your patterns.

When: Friday mornings from 9 till 11 am NZST from the 22nd of October for 9 weeks.

Where: Online through Zoom.

Cost:  NZ$175, discounts available for those in need. The two Ming Yuan classes are NZ$30.

To register: leave me a message at stating you want to join. I will then send you an email with all the details.

The classes will be recorded, and you will get the link to the recordings afterwards. So even if you cannot be there at the time, you can still do the classes with the recordings.


RELAX, RECHARGE, REBALANCE WITH AWARENESS: practice of the first two methods of Yuan Gong with a strong focus on Ming Yuan: self-awareness and self-observation! 

This class is still going. If you speak Dutch, have done Yuan Gong before and you still want to join, do get in touch!

In this class we are practicing Ming Yuan: self-observation and self-awareness. This is one of the highest spiritual practices!

I so love this course, because of the clarity it provides! It is a step by step guide in becoming more aware and understanding life at a much deeper level.

During this course you will learn:

  • The background of what we are working with: True Self versus False Self and their differences.
  • The mantra of Ming Yuan: relaxed, calm, natural, integrated and unified, harmonious, Jue Cha and why this is of utmost importance to life.
  • Self-awareness and self-observation: what is it and how do we practice it?
  • The role the heart and ins qualities play in the practice of self-observation and how to practice the heart qualities in daily life.
  • The role and outcome of expectation in being able to keep a healthy state and to rkeep you Qi healthy.
  • How to deepen relaxation into practice and daily life.
  • How to create more calmness inside yourself.
  • Passive versus active acceptance and the principle ‘Do you best to move things into a positive direction, then be unattached to the outcome.’
  • How to know what the right thing is to do.
  • What being natural is. How to become truly natural?
  • More about integration, unification and harmony.

During the class we will use Tian Yuan and Di Yuan to deepen our state and practice self-observation. There will be the possibility of doing a variety of practices of Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan as well.

This class will:

  • Improve your practice by working on deepening your state and inner heart connection.
  • Strengthen your connection with Qi.
  • Improve your energy levels and top up your Qi-stores.
  • Build a better foundation for health.
  • Help you do your practice with the five heart qualities present.
  • Help you become much more aware of your state, your thoughts and your Qi.
  • Help you shift and transform patterns.

When: Tuesday evenings CEST (Amsterdam time zone): 20:30 till 22:00 from the 31st of August. This series will be 10 classes.

Where: Online through Zoom

Cost: €150 with discounts available for those in need.

The classes will be recorded, and you will get the link to the recordings afterwards. So even if you cannot be there at the time, you can still do the classes with the recordings.

For these classes you do not have to have learned Ming Yuan yet!

To register: leave me a message at stating you want to join. I will then send you an email with all the details.


All courses and workshops are currently on-line!

Sessions are done through Zoom.
You can register through the contact form by indicating which class you want to sign up for. You will subsequently receive and email with all the details and payment options. Once payment has been received you will be send a link which lets you into the on-line class.

Moving Mindfulness – support the health of your body and your mind

Yuan Qigong is a beautiful practice that helps you to relax and go into a deep and calm state to improve health and gain clarity.

The movements are easy, yet very effective. Energy starts to build and flow well, your body becomes free and light, there can be a very pleasant, joyous feeling inside and your mind can come to rest and feel at peace.

This practice promotes healing of the body and brings clarity, balance and stability at the level of the mind.

You find more information about Yuan Gong here.

Uplifting your life by working on your patterns

Learn all about the fundamental patterns of the consciousness and how to transform them!

Your mind uses patterns to function. Most of these patterns are automatic and happen at a very insidious or ‘subconscious’ level. Although we try to be in charge of our lives, it is really these patterns that run our life. By transforming them we can change the root causes of many problems we encounter.

You find more information on work on the patterns of the consciousness here.


If you are interested, have questions or like to join, please contact me through the contact form. All questions welcome!

Learn moving and still meditative Qigong practices to improve inner calm, relaxation, well-being, energy levels, health and clarity

Create the foundation for present awareness and being in harmony with oneself and others

Make truly positive changes to your life


Please register through the contact form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Teaching and demontrating Qigong at Ren Xue retreat in Sweden