Somatic Trauma Therapy and REN XUE Counselling

Clearing the effects of past trauma to regulate the nervous system and transform anxiety,

low self-esteem, emotional eating, and more.

At the root of many of our problems lie thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, habits, and fixed ideas. These are often insidious, and usually we are not aware that these patterns are the drivers behind our actions and feelings. Yet they shape our lives! They can even be expressed in our bodies as symptoms, signs, and disease.

Many of these fixed patterns are survival patterns. We developed them to stay safe.

The development of these patterns starts already before birth and most of them are in place by the age of three. By the age of seven we have formed almost all the patterns that now direct the way we relate to ourselves and the world.

I offer guidance to help you find and transform these patterns. In that process your nervous system can regulate itself, you can become grounded, the effects of the trauma can be cleared, and you can discover a deeper and far more true part of yourself.

You are not your trauma, your problems or even your personality. You are so much more than that. Underneath the patterns you have a beautiful heart. Your heart possesses qualities such as unconditional trust, love, compassion, gratitude, and true respect. It feels so good when the heart opens and these qualities are naturally manifesting.

One of the biggest reasons the heart does not open is because of past trauma. The survival patterns want to protect and keep the heart closed.

The process I offer is a safe way to process past trauma. It allows you to become your own safe container and to grow in your capacity to hold your anxiety, fear, upset, anger, guilt, and shame in a loving and supporting way. Being able to hold an experience opens the door for it to be processed through the nervous system, to then be allowed to dissipate.

When we look at animals in the wild, we see that they can process danger in a natural way, at the time of the event, so their nervous system can regulate straightaway. Human beings are more complicated. Instead of letting the survival response pass through our bodies, we develop trauma loops that keep our nervous system in a dysregulated state. It also makes us form survival patterns to deal with anything that comes next.

Now as soon as something happens that triggers these patterns the nervous system plays out the same loop. In this way we keep repeating and living with what happened to us in the past.

The way forward is to allow the nervous system to regulate itself, so the loops can be completed. Feeling safer, we can look at the patterns that were created during the initial event and give ourselves the chance to transform these into new patterns that are healthier and more beneficial.

During sessions I use a combination of:

  • Embodied Processing, which is a form of somatic trauma therapy.
  • REN XUE life-cultivation, which is based on the ancient Chinese wisdom culture.
  • Totality healing (looking at the whole of life), Yi-Qi therapy, and Yuan Gong Qigong.
  • Nutrition and naturopathy.

Online and in person sessions in Titirangi are around 1.5 hours, up to 2 hours.


For one session: NZ$155
For a package of 4 sessions: NZ$560.

If you are financially challenged, please do get in touch to make a different arrangement.

You can book a session by contacting me here.


You find more information about REN XUE here.

You find more information about Yuan Gong here.

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This session is for you to learn more about how I can help you and for me to gain more understanding about your situation. We will make a start exploring your issues and from there form a plan on how to work towards your goals.

Sessions are available in person or through Zoom or Skype.

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