Holistic Life Coaching, Ren Xue Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Find fundamental causes of your issues and learn effective ways to transform them.

At the root of many of our problems lie thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, habits and fixed ideas. These are often insidious, and usually we are not aware that these patterns are the drivers behind our actions and feelings. Yet they shape our lives! They can even be expressed in our bodies as symptoms, signs and disease.

I offer guidance to help you find the fundamental causes of your issues and subsequently effectively transform them. You will go through a process of transforming an undesirable situation to a positive and healing one.

Doing this in combination with working directly on your life force energy gives your body a chance to heal and relinquish old pain and impressions. It also creates an opening to relax, become grounded, gain clarity and process past trauma, emotions and hurt.

During sessions I use a combination of holistic life coaching and REN XUE, totality healing, Yi-Qi therapy, Yuan Gong Qigong, nutrition and naturopathy.

Sessions are one hour and cost NZ$75. Financial assistance available for those in need.
You can book a session by contacting me here.

Sessions are available on-line and in person in Titirangi and soon also in Ponsonby in Auckland.

You find more information about REN XUE here.

You find more information about Yuan Gong here.

Book a complementary session

This session is for you to learn more about how I can help you and for me to gain more understanding about your situation. We will make a start exploring your issues and from there form a plan on how to work towards your goals.

Sessions are available in person or through Skype.

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