Genuine understanding of human life

Who wouldn’t like to live a happier, healthier life, with a high sense of well-being and freedom? A life that makes you feel you are growing and developing in a way you know is right for you? Why is it so that this is not the standard right now, in our society?

Often when we look at problems and try to find solutions we can’t see the complete causes of them. This is logical, since human life is very complex. We try to be happier, yet ‘unfavourable’ things might happen that we don’t expect. We try to live a healthy life, yet illness still might
develop. When we look at babies and little children, they are so attractive, beautiful and healthy, full of energy and joy. When we look at middle age and older people, often there is a lack of energy, life can be laborious, and all kinds of health problems have developed. Even teenagers of today don’t seem as energetic and already can have developed health problems. Why?

Ren Xue® literally means ‘human life science’. The word science here is used in a broad sense, meaning ‘knowledge’ or ‘true understanding’. Ren Xue is developed to give answers to those questions. What keeps us healthy? How can we live a happy life? How do we stay energetic? How do we bring our sense of well-being to a higher level? What is freedom and how can we develop it? How do we grow; mentally, emotionally and spiritually? How do we know which direction to take in life? How do we discern real truth and authenticity from its opposite?

But also questions such as: How do we keep our relationships healthy? How do we deal with conflict? How do we manage unfavourable situations, negativity and trauma? How can we stay in a calm and relaxed state no matter what is happening around us? While there is so much happening at work or at home that life has become very stressful? How do we even stay joyous in such situations?

The foundation of Ren Xue is human life. It is based on the ancient wisdom culture of China. Ren Xue is developed by Yuan Tze. Yuan Tze grew up in a town on the east coast of China. There he was exposed to traditional culture. He liked to study ancient scripts as a child. As a teenager he began more serious training and was always on the lookout for better and more advanced teachers, under whom he studied for many years. He reached a deep understanding in Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, traditional as well as more modern forms of Qigong (such as Zhineng Qigong), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taichi, I Ching and Feng Shui.

Yuan Tze saw how problematic human life had become. He knew that human life could be at a very different level. When we understand life better, know how to deal with problems, understand the root causes and know how the universe and human life are meant to operate, we don’t have to live a life in which all these problems manifest. While Yuan Tze took his own life as an example and overcame (and still overcomes) his own problems he developed deep insights in the fundamental laws of the objective universe and human life. Teaching and treating other people to overcome their problems confirmed and deepened his insights further.

In 2001 Yuan Tze moved to New Zealand where he started training people to become teachers in Qigong and Ren Xue. He first adopted the system of Zhineng Qigong which he had studied and practiced for over 4 years with Professor Pang Ming. Pang Ming is the one who developed Zhineng Qigong and ran a hospital in China where they treated seriously ill people without medication with high success rates.

In 2013 Yuan Tze developed a new Qigong system, Yuan Gong Qigong. Yuan Gong is an integral part of Ren Xue and is very effective in improving health and uplifting our state of mind. This is needed to be able to increase our insights at the fundamental level of life and to overcome unhealthy habits and pattern which create negative consequences. While Ren Xue helps us to understand the fundamental causes of our problems, Yuan Gong gives us the fuel and stamina to overcome these by allowing us to feel better, have enough energy and to open up to the possibility of change.

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