Below you find a list with testimonials about either workhops/classes or individual coaching and therapy sessions. Please note these testimonials are authentic and genuine, real testimonials. However, because of the nature of the work and for confidentiality reasons, often only initials or the indication ‘client’ or ‘participant’ is used. If you wish to submit your own testimonial, please contact me.

Listen to Arwen’s experience of Ren Xue coaching and counselling:

Going from high anxiety and stress to feeling calm and peaceful with clarity, trust and renewed hope.

From a restless heart to feeling calm, relaxed and trusting:

I found Aiyanna through the internet, her website. Because I live in The Netherlands that was very convenient in the comfort of my own home.
I had issues with my heart rate. It skipped a beat quite frequently and my heart felt restless.

I started with Yuan Gong a few months before and thought it could be a Qi reaction as well.

However, because of Aiyanna’s medical background, I had a very strong feeling I should consult her. It felt really safe for me.

Aiyanna was familiar with this phenomenon and hence I felt genuinely in good hands. We did a few sessions of Ling Yuan, I was led into a very calm and relaxed state and she guided me into a deep state, so that I was able to ask questions to my heart.

The combination of Aiyanna’s voice and her own calm state worked wonders. I received profound answers from deep inside my heart. When it was not clear for myself yet, she would help me clarify.

Now my heart is much calmer. When it skips a beat occasionally, I can stay relaxed and trust it is perfectly fine. What a profound shift this is for me.

I am forever grateful for Aiyanna’s help and guidance, and of course I do recommend and already did recommend Aiyanna to anyone who feels this resonance with her. Aiyanna is a very gentle teacher and coach and is also very involved, clear and has a true wish from her heart to help you on your life path.

Dorien, The Netherlands

Dear Aiyanna,

Thank you so very much for the most beautiful experience with Tian and Di Yuan today within the Qigong-retreat experience. I think this is Day 7,..but I seem to be losing track of time (which is a good thing as well..) ha ha.

I have never gone that deeply into the Qi as I did today.

The opening ‘meditation’ itself was magical, and then to travel even further inwards within the qigong itself (with the special word cues offered) was even more endearing.

My only wish is to be able to re-experience that level of depth into the Heart, into the Void, and into the Qi.

Thank you so much. With love and appreciation, Lori

Aiyanna is a calm, gentle teacher and her weekly qigong meditation lessons quickly became a highlight of my week.  I particularly like the discussion aspect of her classes as Aiyanna has a very  sensible and grounded approach, with a rare combination of wisdom and emotional intelligence.  The qigong exercises provide a gateway that connects one to the positive energy of the Universe and I find that to be immensely beneficial.

B. A. O., Nelson, New Zealand

Hi Aiyanna,

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the class, via replay.

I found your teaching very calm, comprehensive and smooth. Definitely connected to the opening and closing Qi movements of Ren Yuan.

Looking forward to next weeks.

Thank you,

Have a Qi-full day,

Linda, Canada

That was a lovely practice this evening – thank you. It is wonderful having others practice in my home, albeit by ZOOM, as it helps to build up warm energy for me to enjoy for the rest of the week, especially as I practice.

C. H., Auckland, New Zealand


I have had migraines for the last 6 years for five out of every seven days per week. The results from the medical exams in the hospital were not good. But instead of going into a downward spiral with the diagnosis, I said to myself: “No, I need to be healthy”.
Hence, I tried to help myself heal with many different modalities, including allopathic medicines, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and massage therapy, but most helpful was Aiyanna’s approach with Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong.

She taught me to go into a very deep meditation, in which I unify my body, mind and energy (Qi). Now, when a migraine comes up and I do this, I feel the Qi like electricity through my body and I become more aware of what is going on. After 10 to 15 minutes, I feel much better. The great thing is, I can do this for myself, I can help myself like this.

I am now migraine free for the last 2 months. I like to say to all people with headaches and migraines, do try this. My experience is that of all the things that I tried to heal; this has been the most helpful. I feel more powerful and happier, because I can help myself.

C. H., Motueka, New Zealand

I had been practising Qigong for a year already yet reading Aiyanna’s eBook made the teachings so clear. She writes in a beautifully poetic way, drawing attention to fundamental insights applicable to us all in every-day life. There is lightness and joy behind her words, with deep messages and simple practical advice that I found easy to follow on a daily basis.

Colette, Tasman, New Zealand

Ahh, thank goodness for Wednesday!

After a class on Wednesday I feel I will be able to cope with anything that comes along and for the first few days I have enough Qi to do well. Then there always seems to be something I struggle with as I negotiate my way through relationships, parenting, separation…. and I know my Qi is low and would benefit from me finding some time to build it up and I realise that tomorrow is Wednesday and the class will replenish my Qi and help me work out my patterns and what I can do with my problems. Ahh thank goodness for Wednesdays with Aiyanna and my classmates!

(But if tomorrow isn’t Wednesday and I’m struggling I now am gathering many practices to help me replenish Qi and calm my heart and think more clearly on my own! I just have to do it! And it’s always worth the effort!)

E. W., Motueka, New Zealand


A recurring uterine cancer that had moved to my pelvis and lungs is what led me to seek out Aiyanna through a mutual friend for some Qigong healing. Combined with her Naturopathic background, we are working on many levels to heal myself.

We have had several sessions seeking out my patterns that are not serving me and need to change. Aiyanna’s patience and skill in helping me acknowledge these patterns and change them has been brilliant. It’s an ongoing work in progress and in addition to our weekly sessions, she has made a healing tape that I can play each morning for myself and she sends me healing Qi at the same time from her home.

I am so grateful for her help. I’m learning a lot through my health journey!

J. P., Moutere, New Zealand

A beautifully articulated and enjoyable explanation of the background to Yuan Gong. With examples from personal experience and anecdotes from Yuan Tze’s prior teaching classes, Aiyanna is thoroughly engaging. The depth of her passion for Yuan Gong shines throughout!


Aiyanna has a gentle approach, with big results. I have obtained great tools to use now and in the future. I always felt safe whilst working with her and I wish I could do this coaching on a continuous basis and look forward to future sessions. Thank you.


Lovely, gentle, calm presentation, which made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I have been wanting to experience Qigong for some time and this was the perfect introduction. Your energy speaks for the practise. You are clearly living relaxation, naturalness, calmness and joy. Beautiful. I hope we can do more together. Thank you!


Beautiful course, led in a calm, natural, joyous and relaxed way, with fun and easy to connect to people. Thank you.


Aiyanna explains really well what Qi is and does give you an intense experience of it. The exercises feel wonderful. Often I can feel the energy flow very well. Since January I practise every Friday morning and have noticed from the first time that my energy is getting stronger.


The one on one session with Aiyanna started with a physical complaint I have been struggling with for years. Quite quickly we found the thought pattern that was behind this complaint, using questions. Aiyanna uses a very clear method to guide you quickly to the fundamental cause. After a short reading, it became clear where this thought pattern comes from.

I did get a healing and affirmations to help to let go of this thought pattern. Since then, I don’t feel the pain in my knees anymore.
Special how a coach, psychologist, reader and healer are unified in one person. I do recommend these individual sessions to everyone, it was an effective and educational experience for me.

D. A.

I first started practicing Ren Xue 2 years ago. I had been suffering from severe sciatica for the previous 2 years which had restricted my mobility despite taking maximum doses of pain killers. I walked with a marked limp and had muscle wasting from lack of exercise. I could not lie on my side for more than a few minutes. I tried Pilates, yoga and a few other exercise systems without any improvement. After a few months of Ren Xue I noticed gradual improvement and now I am pain free even after a long day in the garden.

I rarely miss a day without practice and have found the philosophy has helped with relationships. When I encounter difficult patches in my life I look to Ren Xue to guide me through. I have found the things that are most important for my life and for mankind in general. Aiyanna has been a valuable influence throughout this journey, not only with her clear instructions with exercises but with her sound advice when problems have emerged in my life.

I miss her guidance, her calm presence and loving smile.

Margaret de Morton, Motueka, New Zealand

Thank you Aiyanna, I got such a good feeling of ‘heaviness’ in my whole body and a very good sensation of quietness in the body and mind. Calm, calm, calm… To bring in those exercises, spirit and “quantum physics”, examples and stories is very encouraging and motivating for a practise. Trust seems to be the key for a beginner, and I do trust you.

M. F.

Thank you for the wonderful morning. It made me feel really great again! I am looking forward to the next Qigong morning!

Julia Niemeijer, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

Hello Aiyanna,

Miracles exist. Hereby my short story about last week.

When I came home from the session with you I still took half a paracetamol. I went to bed early and felt so cold as if I was standing outside in the middle of the winter without clothes. Sort of cold shivers. After I while I warmed up and I had a fever; hurray!!! For the first time in many years my body responded to an infection the way it should do. I felt the tension and ‘dirt’ leave my molar and fell asleep happy knowing that I could trust my body.

The next morning the fever had resolved and I felt reasonable. On Monday, I still couldn’t eat at that side, but today I could even eat an apple! It still feels a bit different, but I no longer have pain. Every morning I do the exercises. When I can focus well I feel my hands becoming warm and they ‘grow’, and I feel more and more warmth in my body. All very special.

Thank you for your support! I see you next week and you understand, I will continue with this method.


Hello Dear Aiyanna, what an amazing session last night! It really felt like some big shifts around self-acceptance and self-love took place. It is such great timing for me. My husband comes home on Thursday and I can feel my mind ramp up around not having done enough while he is away. It is right on the surface to work with! What a gift. I can notice the tension coming back into my body and the desire to be alone for another week…. then I would get my act together; if I just had more time… on and on! So much grist for the mill!

I was very joyful in the session. It was not my usual experience. I think I was feeling such deep relief at getting to this core issue that has caused me so much suffering in my life time. To see it so clearly and to find a way of attending to it so directly and with self-love was amazing! Now I must put it into practice consistently.

I had a hard time falling asleep but when I did I slept very deeply until the cat woke me up. I could stay in a good state and just talk with her for a moment and go back to sleep for a bit. My mind really needed a bit of space to process and let the Qi trickle down into Shen [the consciousness]. I had that happen one other time, this was very powerful. Thank you, Thank you!


Aiyanna’s teaching is clear and helpful. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of healing and this system that she is teaching leads to more energy, a positive way of thinking, and living more lovingly in the world- (both to oneself as well as others and the environment). Aiyanna’s lessons are kind, sensitive and thought-provoking. The directions are clear, and considerations are made to accomodate needs. I found this a useful programme to change my life, both physically and emotionally.

Beth Bryant, Motueka, New Zealand

Aiyanna is a very experienced practitioner who has deep knowledge regarding Ren Xue and working with the Qi-field to help promote change.

Aiyanna has the depth of knowledge needed to help create change. My work with her has helped me become more engaged and expand my awareness of where to explore deeper healing. Through our work I am able to see and create change on patterns that have been quite difficult. The openings I am experiencing in our work are profound! I am deeply grateful to her and her work with me.