Yuan Gong

An invaluable tool to improve health, happiness and well-being

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool which makes you feel better almost instantly? When you use it you might feel calmer, more relaxed, with more clarity and focus, are re-energised and after some practise you might even feel a kind of calm joy and contentment that usually in our busy daily life is pretty rare to experience.

We call this state a Qigong-state. A state in which we are calm, relaxed, natural and joyous. A state in which problems don’t face us too much and it’s easier to keep a balanced equilibrium, rather than to get irritated, upset or even angry because of outer circumstances.

To maintain this state, we need life force energy or Qi. When we are born we have a good amount of Qi. Then we live our life, do all kinds of things and be active. This costs Qi. The Qi we use literally comes from within the reserves of Qi we have inside our body. When we sleep, rest, eat and breathe we are replenishing our Qi reserves. However, most of us live our lives in a way that costs a lot of Qi, more than the amount we get through sleeping, eating, resting and breathing. What happens is that we start to deplete our Qi. With our current life styles, we often deplete more Qi than we can replenish with the usual means. This means that we create a Qi-depth, we end up with a deficit in Qi.

Why is this important, what does it have to do with you? For this we need to know what Qi does for us, what it’s functions are.

Qi keeps our body healthy, makes sure everything functions well and provides us with energy. To give an idea of how important Qi is for us; it helps the body to grow and develop, provides energy for our organs to function properly, helps blood and lymph to flow, supports our heart to beat, helps maintain our body temperature, is needed for our immune system and plays a vital role in regeneration and wound repair. These are just a few of the many functions Qi has. And when we have depleted our Qi to such extent that it is finished, life as we know it in this body, finishes as well.

There are few things that can help us to replenish our Qi. We can sleep, breathe, rest and eat so much, but when Qi is severely depleted this is simply not enough to build up a good reserve of Qi again. However, in saying that, there is one thing I have found that CAN replenish our Qi actively: Yuan Gong Qigong.

Yuan Gong® is designed to replenish our Qi and to improve its flow and quality.  It gives us the ability to gather a lot of Qi in a short amount of time, and so makes it possible to replenish our stores very efficiently and effectively.

Yuan Gong exists of a series of very gentle and natural movements. Almost everybody is able to perform these movements. We start with gathering a lot of Qi using movement and mind combined, and then store the Qi to make it our own. The result is that the amount of Qi in our body increases, Qi blockages resolve, Qi starts flowing better and the quality of Qi improves. You can imagine now what this does to your health; Qi is now able to support the many body functions we have, energy improves, and even structural health problems can resolve due to improved Qi.

Yuan Gong is needed in Ren Xue, because when we want to improve our life, the first thing we need to do is to improve our Qi. However, when we only do Yuan Gong without Ren Xue, we will keep depleting our Qi. And so, in the end we haven’t improved our life that much. That is why it is so important to increase our depth of understanding about life; to be able to solve and prevent problems at the root level of life and bring the whole of life at a higher, more sustainable level.

For a detailed description from the creator of Yuan Gong® click here. (https://renxueinternational.org/the-practice/)

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